Tips For Breathing Fresh Clean Air

There is nothing worse than having a foul smell come across your nose.  This can be a sulfur smell that resembles rotten eggs, a fishy smell when walking into grocery store or just sitting next to a person who hasn’t taken a shower in a few days.  No matter the source, we just want to remove that odor from the air.

Air purifiers and air filters

The first thing that we will look at is purifying the air.  To do this, we want to look at the differences in air scrubbers vs air purifiers.  When looking at an air scrubber, we are looking at a machine that takes smoke and other irritants that we have in the air and try to collect and dispose of them.

These are good in industrial environments such as in factories and commercial buildings that produce chemical reactions, however, in a general area such as our homes, they are overkill.  This is why we want to look at air purifiers in the home or residential sector.

When we look at air purification, we are working on cleaning the air on a smaller scale.  This can be a small room or an office.  When working with a purifier we are working with a small device that can fit on a desk or table where a scrubber is a much larger piece of equipment.

Don’t smoke

To help keep the air clean we need to avoid smoking or sending other chemicals into the air.  If we do this, then the air can remain fresh and clean.  Also, when we smoke, we are doing harm to ourselves as well.  Smoking is a bad thing and there is no air purifier that we can install into our lungs to prevent it.

Beware of chemicals

Finally, you want to watch how you use chemicals.  When we mix chemicals together, they can release poisonous fumes into the air.  These can cause a lot of problems if we don’t use air purification.