Specialty Printing In One Seat

specialty printing

They have been doing specialty printing for centuries. Ever since the invention of the Gutenberg press. Actually, no. It goes a lot further than that. Like a good couple of thousand years. That’s how old printing is. Looking at it now, it might not seem much like printing. But that is the whole point. It looks more like good artwork. Painterly too. And today still, the best specialty printing presses are still doing that.

Not only are they doing basic print run jobs, they’re still creating artwork. But these printing presses no longer look like the giant printing presses of old. Indeed, if you have been around that long, you would hardly recognise them. It may even confuse you at times. And perhaps in your time as an office worker, you may have taken the printer for granted. Just an easy to use tool that you use to make prints.

Prints that you probably should not be making at this time owing to the pressing need to save the environment. Minimizing the reams of paper being printed does a positive turn of good in saving the trees. Of course, specialty printing should be going a little further than this by now. While the handlers of the printing press are not in the business of telling their customers what they should or should not be printing, they should already be in the good habit of printing quality clean paper.

Even the thicker reams are coming from renewable resources. These are plantations that have been specially cultivated. They make no damaging impact on the green environment. And those who need to lumber them are now doing so responsibly. Or so they should be. Specialty printing can be a renewable source of reducing your carbon footprint use.