6 Easy Steps to Adjust A Rifle Scope

Adjusting a rifle scope is an important part of any weapon for a hunter. It is one of those parts that help gunsmen gain better accuracy and additional benefits when the call of the wild takes them outside for hunting and other activities. Adjusting the rifle scope once it’s added to the rifle is sometimes difficult, until now. Follow the six easy steps below and adjusting a rifle scope is easy.

1.  Install the Scope: Of course installing the riflescope is the first step in the adjustment process. Use the manual to install the mounts according to the directions. This should take just a few minutes.

2.  Level Cross-Hair: Next, leveling the cross-hair is important. Check the scope to do this, ensuring that you have a clear sight ahead of you. Make sure the rifle is level and square to the ground and then position it to check the cross hair and then tighten.

adjusting a rifle scope

3.  Set the Zero: Use the bullseye to help set the zero. A gun rest can help you set the zero more easily.

4.  Check Your Shots: Now the fun par. Take a few shots and check them for accuracy. If you are off, repeat the above steps until you get an accurate adjustment.

5.  Check the Adjustment Knobs: There are two knobs on a rifle. One is on the side and the second on top. Check these adjustment knobs and make necessary changes before you tighten the knobs.

6.  Move the Sight Toward the Misses: Finally to adjust the rifle scope, move the sight toward the shots that you missed when checking the shots. Adjust in ΒΌ” increments until you finally hit the bullseye.

Once you get the hang of things, adjusting the scope becomes second nature. Follow the above steps to ensure this is a simple step.